• Pale Jay, Erick The Architect 'Donny in Valdez (PJ's Flip)'

    After last year’s release of ‘The Celestial Suite’, singer and producer Pale Jay builds on his critically acclaimed debut with a remix of one of the project’s standout tracks. Flipping the OG instrumental and having a strong performance by none less than Flatbush zombies member and multifaceted lyricist/producer Erick The Architect (who has worked with e.g. James Blake and Joey Bada$$) on the track, Pale Jay showcases his love for soul-soaked hip hop sound and creates a genuine piece of art.

  • Vinyl Release: PLYGRND Beat Retreat 2022'

    This Compilation is the result of the PLYGRND Beat Retreat that took place at Poggio al Casone, Tuscany in May 2022. Twentytwo artists, lots of wine and pizza, no agenda. A collection of vibes and memories from that time, wrapped in songs. We decided to put these on wax as a memory for everyone involved – but also to share this experience with you.

  • PLYGRND Beat Retreat 2022

    Driving up a hill lined with pine trees and grapevines, arriving at a beautiful arrangement of terracotta colored houses embedded in an unreal scenery made of grapevines and verdurous greens. Roaming this area, worrying about nothing but the day that lies ahead. Bumping into fellow creatives who share the same passion for music and art. Collaborative energy coming out of this; exploring new sounds with new souls. The BEAT RETREAT is a creative PLYGRND for talented artists, writers, producers and instrumentalists at all stages of their careers. It's an open space for artists, producers and songwriters to meet fellow creatives...

  • Vinyl Release: Pale Jay 'The Celestial Suite EP'

    The debut EP by singer and producer Pale Jay. ’The Celestial Suite’ is a body of work rooted in the unconscious, displaying a deep connection between Pale Jay and his musical guides such as Donny Hathaway, J Dilla and Khruangbin. Pale Jay’s self-produced debut EP showcases his fragile falsetto floating over dusty beats and serene strings glued together by ageless arrangements.

  • DECAP, Kiefer 'Family feat. Kyla Moscovich'

    For his new single ‘Family’, Top 10 Billboard producer DECAP joins forces with Stones Throw legend Kiefer and multi-skilled trumpet player Kayla Moscovich, who shared the stage and worked with artists like Mac Miller, Kanye West and many more. DECAP merges his knocking drums with Kiefer’s virtuosic and mesmerizing piano fingerwork while Kyla’s horn elements round off the track creating an out of the box sound that gives off multi-layered vibes. Artwork by graphic artist RUFFMERCY.

  • Vinyl Release: BEATS LIKE SUMMER Vol. 1'

    Organic sounds, eclectic compositions and infinite grooves – BEATS LIKE SUMMER, Vol. 1 is the very first PLYGRND label compilation. Composed of 17 instrumental tracks that circle HipHop, Jazz, RnB and Soul, this project is a journey through different soundscapes. It unites some of the finest beat makers and instrumentalists from around the world, including Kiefer, K, Le Maestro, DAO, Saltyyyy V, Shuko, agajon and many more. Artwork by GABE and Alex Plesovskich. Creative Direction by Robert Winter.

  • Publishing: the Kii enter Billboard Top 20 with The Game

    PLYGRND writers and producers the Kii enter Billboard Top 200 with a co-production credit on 'Twisted' off the album 'Drillmatic Heart Vs. Mind' by L.A. hip hop legend The Game. The placement is the first Billboard entry for the duo.

  • Wun Two 'Boranda EP'

    Lo-fi legend Wun Two shares his EP ‘Boranda’ with PLYGRND to effortlessly emphasize his standing in the global beat world while once again proving that beat making is all about simplicity. 'Boranda' is a selection of loop-like head-nodders that create an unmatched, raw vibe. Artwork by Brazilian painter Fefe Talavera.

  • Vinyl Release: Nokiaa 'Illusions''

    The debut solo album by Dutch multi-talented producer Nokiaa available on wax. Having secured his spot at the international producer’s table with 3 collab albums and a huge stack of singles, Dutch multifaceted producer Nokiaa steps it up with his debut solo album. Warm basslines, spaced-out melodies and tasty drums – emancipating himself from classic lo-fi sound, Nokiaa delivers a collection of mellow slappers that unfolds their full potential together with a breathtaking artwork of Ruffmercy. Design by Parissa Charghi.

  • Pale Jay presents his debut single 'Dos Uvas'

    'Dos Uvas' introduces you to singer, music producer and interdisciplinary artist Pale Jay. It’s the first single of his self-produced debut project ‘The Celestial Suite’: a body of work rooted in the unconscious, displaying a deep bond between Pale Jay and his musical guides such as Donny Hathaway, J Dilla and Khruangbin. It showcases his falsetto floating over dusty beats and serene strings glued together by ageless arrangements. Keep an eye on this mystical man and his bloody red balaclava.

  • Publishing: Double Platinum for Kid Cudi

    PLYGRND history – An all time classic and a game changer forever: 'Hyerr' by Kid Cudi and King Chip off the genre-defining album 'Man On The Moon: The End Of Day' by Cudi, co-written and produced by Christian 'Crada' Kalla. The song recently was awarded double platinum.

  • Juju Rogers, DAO, MIck Jenkins 'Minneapolis'

    Berlin based rapper, songwriter and 3x COLORS performer Juju Rogers shares his soulful new single ‘Minneapolis’, a song inspired by the historical images from protests in the streets after the murder of George Floyd. Joined by Grammy nominated producer DAO and Chicago-bred outspoken verbalist Mick Jenkins, Juju showcases his politically-charged verbal skills while displaying his mastery of the singer/speaker delivery, paying homage to Hip Hop’s roots in Jamaican Dancehall culture. DAO's gracefully ethereal production accented by driving African percussion creates a mood that allows the listener to absorb the song's complete meaning.